Cabin by the Lake Vatsnes

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History about the Cabin.

Back in the 80’s a guy named Heri Hjelm build two cabins next to the lake (Vatnsnes). One cabin was for a motor and the other cabin for people who fed the Salmon daily. They use to have salmon farms in the lake, but not anymore.

One day a huge storm destroyed the motor cabin and they never build it again. The other cabin however is used as a summer house where people can rent it and enjoy some quality time close to nature.

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Info about the Cabin.

When you first enter this cabin you will find a living room with a dinning table. You turn on the right and you will find a small room with a camping toilet. Outside the bathroom you will see a small table and the kitchen.

Upstairs you will find two rooms with two beds (one single bed and one double bed). Both the rooms have a window. Note that there is no electricity in this cabin and no tab water. There is a gas heater and a small grill where you can make some food and boil water.

Our time in the Cabin.

My experience was great here. It was nice to try living like “the old days”. You really start appreciating the water you use daily and the   clothes you need to keep yourself warm. Of course the surroundings are just amazing. This lake is 2 KM away from the village Hov, so you are really close to nature up there. This cabin can accommodate 8 people.

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How to get there.

You need to catch a ferry from Torshavn called Smyril. It takes two hours to arrive to the village of Tvoroyri on Suduroy island. You can check the time schedule here - SSL

You have to drive south and after the first tunnel you turn left and take a 2nd right and basicaly you just have to go off road until you will see the lake and the cabin. It is that easy.

You can book it on Airbnb

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