Faroe Islands Wall Calendar 2023

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About the Faroe Islands Wall Calendar.

How it started: After many people have asked on social media to make a calendar back in 2021, Saviour decided to make one. He asked for help from his followers on Instagram to choose their favorite images and what size they prefer on his Instagram stories, which many followers participated in. After releasing it on his website in November 2021, it got sold out after 1 month.

For the Calendar 2023 he asked his followers if they want him to make another size and many people wanted the A4 size as well. He asked his followers once again to help him choose the images for each and every month. Many people participated and this year he realized the Faroe Islands Wall Calendar 2023 in July here on the Faroe Islands in the following stores.

HJBókhandil - Tórshavn

RitogRak - SMS Shopping Center Tórshavn

Vist Tórshavn office - Tórshavn

AlfaBókhandil - Klaksvík

Bókabúðin - Runavík

Duty Free Shop - Vágar Airport

It went live online on his website back in August 2022.

Frequently asked questions about the Faroe Islands Wall Calendar.

- Do you ship to Canada?

Yes we ship worldwide.

- Can we buy more than one calendar?

Yes of course, if you have an order that is more than 5 pieces of calendars, it would be best if you contact me beforehand.

- Do you have different sizes of your wall calendar?

Yes, this year we have two sizes, A3 which is 29.7cm x 42cm and A4 is 21cm x 29.7cm.

- How long does it take for the calendar to arrive at its destination once the item is purchased.

Every country is different, but normally it takes 5 to 7 working days. However we noticed that in the Holiday season like Christmas it can take even longer. About 14 working days.

- Where can I buy the calendar online?

You can purchase the calendar from Saviour’s website at www.SaviourMifsudShop.com

Faroe Islands Wall Calendar 2023

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