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Date - 21.03.22

Hotel Brandan is a green 4-star hotel with the eco-label Greenkey. The hotel is perfectly located in the capital Tórshavn, only a few minutes from the city center, shopping mall, football stadium and sportcenter of Tórshavn.

The hotel has 124 rooms in total, 4 meeting rooms, restaurant, bar, sauna, fitness facilities, hot tubs, parking places as well as charging stations for electric cars.

All rooms are very environmentally friendly and equipped with high quality materials. Everything has been well thought through in order to guarantee the guest a green and pleasant stay.

My Experience at the hotel and what we did.

Once we checked in with the green key from the phone I had to download an app called AeroGuest. I got a notification saying what room I had and at what time I could check in and at what time I had to check out.

Once we arrived at the hotel, I talked to the receptionist. We also got a key from them with some discount codes to eat at the restaurant HÚSAGARÐUR located down stairs. We also got a free card for a glass of wine between 5pm and 6pm. Once they explained to us everything we needed to know about the things we ordered, we headed to our room.

We were very happy that the room was clean and everything was where it should be. The breakfast was delicious. So many things to choose from. English breakfast was the first thing I put on my plate. Then I tried some croissants with a cup of coffee.

Best part of our stay at hotel Brandan was definitely the hot tub and the sauna. We ordered it for an hour. I would highly recommend it. It Is perfect. After a long day of exploring the Faroe Islands you head to the hotel and go for an hour of relaxation in the hot tub. Perfect way to recharge your battery for the next day!

On our last day we also ate brunch before we checked out. Everything tasted so good. The best part for me was the home made desert. We packed our things and headed out at around 2pm.

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If you would like more information about this hotel, you can visit their website.

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