New Year’s celebration in Vágur  

Probably the most iconic tradition in all Faroe Islands in my opinion. Every year the town of Vágur in Suðuroy receives a number of foreign visitors who come to witness the town’s New Years celebration. The local people of the village starts earlier in the day, when petrol cans are gathered on Eggjarvegur , the road opposite of the traingle square, located at the western part of the town. The traingle Square is the main location for the event. Around midnight, the procession with the torches and flags will pass through the gates. The torches will gather at the traingle square around the an old wrecked wooden boat. Just before the torches are thrown at the boat, the people sing the hymn: “Tíðin rennur sum streymur í á” which translate to “Time flows away like water in the river”. And then the big fireworks show starts, which Vágur is known for.

These images were captured back in 2020.

© Saviour Mifsud 2022

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