Sailing with Norröna to Iceland from the Faroe Islands

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Date 26.10.22

About the vessel Norröna.

Norröna is a Ro-Ro passenger ship. I consider it a blend of freight ship, passenger ferry and cruise ship. It sails from Denmark (Hirtshals), Faroe Islands (Tórshavn) and to Iceland (Seyðisfjörður).

My experience onboard.

My trip started on a Monday at 1pm, it took the ship two hours sailing between the Faroe Islands before reaching the open Atlantic ocean. While sailing between the islands I went out on the deck to enjoy the amazing mountains and take some pictures too.

When we reached the open Atlantic ocean it was time to eat. I’ve tried the buffet. There was cold food, warm food and delicious cakes. After eating it was time to relax at the Laterna Magica. It is a great place to sit down and enjoy the view with some beverages.

My room was on the 7th floor. I had a twin size bed with a small shower and a TV. It was just perfect for me to spend the night. The next morning I went for breakfast at about 8am. There was so much to choose from and everything tasted really good. There was even a man making pancakes. They tasted so good.

After breakfast we had only an hour left to reach the port of Seyðisfjørður. It was such an amazing morning with beautiful light. Laterna Magica was the perfect place to see the Icelandic landscape. When we approached the fjord of Seyðisfjørður I went out on the deck just like many other people did to take some pictures of the amazing Icelandic landscape.

When we reached the port it was time to head downstairs at the car deck and start my road trip in Iceland.

Nine days in Iceland went by so fast, suddenly it was time to head back to Norröna to go back home to the Faroe Islands. I was at Seyðisfjørður in good time (about 5 hours before boarding). I explored the village, ate something then it was time to board.

Boarding started at 4.30pm and we left the port of Seyðisfjørður at 8pm. After I settled in my room, which was also on the 7th floor, I went to eat at a restaurant called Munkastova. I ordered a 3 course meal which tasted really good. Afterwards, I went upstairs to Laterna Magica to drink a beer and chat with a few people.

The next morning I went for breakfast about 8am and again, everything tasted delicious.

The weather was really nice and so after breakfast I went for a walk outside around the ship to enjoy some sunshine. I could see the Faroe Islands on the horizon.

Around 12:00 o’ clock I went to eat at Munkastova restaurant. I wasn’t so hungry so I only ordered a fresh chicken salad on brown bread. Ended my lunch with some ice cream of the day.

Once we approached land, I went to enjoy the view of the beautiful Eysturoy and Kalsoy island outside on the deck.

Around 4pm we arrived at the port of Tórshavn and that was the end of my trip with Norröna :)

If you would like to know more about the sailing schedule of Norröna, you will find more information here.

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