The house on the edge of the cliff.

History about the house

It started four generations ago when the grandfather of Jákup Petersen build the base of this house. They used it as a boat house for some years where they could fit two rowboats in it and the top floor was used for salted fish.

In 2002 Jákup got the idea to build a house on the edge of the cliff. The idea was a challenging one but Jákup and his son john managed to build the house almost by them selfs and by 2005 it was ready.

The house is not like any other house. Due to it’s location (on the edge of a cliff) it had to be more strong due to the storms of the North Atlantic weather that hits the house and the cliffs surrounding it.

The out side of the house is build just like any traditional house on the Faroe islands. Even though the house was built in 2005 the inside is more old style. The walls, the stairs and all the furniture is all made of wood. It feels just like you are on a ship sailing when you look out the windows. The house has a breathtaking ocean view and an amazing view of Kunoy island.

How to get here

There is only one way to go to Kalsoy island and that is by ferry. You have to take the ferry from Klaksvík to Sydradalur, Kalsoy. It takes 15 to 20 min. by ferry to arrive on Kalsoy island. You can check the time schedule here - SSL

There is only one main road on the island so there is nothing to worry about. After passing the village of Húsar you have to go through three tunnels. After going through the third tunnel you will see the village called Mikladalur. That’s where the famous Statue of The Seal Woman is and that’s also where you will find the house “Pakkhusid”.

About the house

The house Pakkhúsið can accommodate 7 people.

On the first floor you’ll find the kitchen with all the appliance you will need and a living room. There is also a bathroom with a shower. Up stairs there are 2 bedrooms - one bedroom with 2 main beds and the other bedroom with one single bed and a main bed. Out side the house there is a small balcony, where you can enjoy the amazing view.

Where to book the house

You can find the house on Airbnb

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