Stakkurin Sheep Gathering Event

Stakkurin is a sea stack in the north part of Streymoy island. It is owned by the people from the village Tjørnuvík. Every September they have an event where they invite people to join  them in gathering the sheep on the sea stack Stakkur.

The event starts early in the morning around 7 am. Hiking back and forward takes about 6 - 7 hours. It all depends on how many people go.

To get to the sea stack you need to cross in mid air with a cable car (Not electric as you may think) people pull the rope and the cable car moves to the other side.

Once all the people are on the sea stack, the farmers start building a temporary fence and gather the sheep in it. Once the fence is finished, everyone takes a short break to eat lunch (Payment is required to join this event, and lunch is included with the payment).

Afterwards, one of the farmers will explain how and where the people have to stand and how they will move so that everyone help to gather the sheep as quickly as possible. This normally takes only a few minutes.

It all depends on where the sheep run. When finally the sheep are caught, they put them first on the cable car with one person onboard holding the sheep. After the sheep are on main land, the rest of the people will go on the other side too and go back to the village.

Once everyone arrives to the village a nice warm soup is served and something to drink as well.  Then the sheep will be sold in an auction. After that there will be a dance to end the event.

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